50 Years of Stephen King

50 Years of Stephen King

This year marks a significant milestone in the eerie corridors of literary history – the 50th anniversary of Stephen King's debut novel, Carrie. For us Mainers, it's not just a celebration of a prolific author, it's a homage to our very own master of horror and the twisted multiverse he has crafted.

It's hard to overstate Stephen King's influence on both the literary world and pop culture at large. From the chilling whispers of Derry to the eerie small town of Castle Rock, King's stories have woven themselves into the fabric of our collective nightmares.

Carrie, King's first published novel, burst onto the scene in 1974, leaving readers simultaneously terrified and captivated. Set in the fictional town of Chamberlain, Maine, the novel follows the story of a teenage outcast with telekinetic powers. Its success paved the way for King's illustrious career, spawning a plethora of novels, short stories, and film adaptations that have haunted audiences for decades. 

But perhaps even more intriguing than King's individual works is the interconnected web he has spun – the Stephen King multiverse. In King's universe, characters, locations, and themes often cross over, creating a rich tapestry of horror that die-hard fans delight in unraveling. Connected through dark towers and giant turtles, King's multiverse includes every character and story he's written... except for one. Carrie is only ever mentioned as a book in this vast universe of connected stories, putting Stephen King, himself, in his own written world. 

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