Casco Bay Lighthouse Tour

Casco Bay Lighthouse Tour

Explore all the lighthouses in the Portland area...

You may be familiar with Portland Head Light, as it is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world. The beacon is iconic to Portland and Cape Elizabeth, but there are another five lighthouses in the area that are worth checking out and you can easily see all of them in an afternoon...

Portland Breakwater Light

Also known as “Bug Light,” this small, quaint lighthouse is the closest to Portland’s working waterfront. You'll often see kites flying in the park and sailboats cruising in the harbor. The nearby Liberty Ship Memorial honors South Portland's history in shipbuilding.



Spring Point Ledge Light

Just past the beautiful Southern Maine Community College campus, out on a long breakwater on Fort Prebble, lies Spring Point Ledge Light. The breakwater is walkable and worth the trek because you'll get a view of Portland Head Light to the south. If you have some extra time, the nearby Willard Beach is a n absolute gem - pictured above with a Great Blue Heron and Spring Point Light in the background.



Portland Head Light

This is what we all came for. We got a glimpse of it from Spring Point Ledge, but seeing this iconic lighthouse up close is absolutely incredible. Walk along the cliffside trail and enjoy the beautiful gardens as you approach the lighthouse. A lot of Fort Williams Park is worth exploring, but definitely check out the museum in the old light keeper's house.



Ram Island Ledge Light

Just off the coastline of Portland Head, you’ll see a ghostly looking lighthouse known as Ram Island Ledge Light. The juxtaposition of this rustic tower behind the well kept white tower and quaint light keeper's house of Portland Head Light is one of the most beautiful sites in the state.



Cape Elizabeth Light

Make sure not to go to Two Lights State Park if you want to see the lighthouses - the best view of this beacon is from The Lobster Shack at Two Lights. I would recommend timing your tour to eat here at the end because it's hard to find a better Maine seafood experience. Also known as Two Lights from its decommissioned twin lighthouse down the road, Cape Elizabeth Light is the easternmost lighthouse on the mainland in Casco Bay.



Lighthouse at Two Lights

No longer visible from the angle that Edward Hopper painted this lighthouse at, you'll have to take a short stroll or drive down Two Lights Terrace to get an up close look at this retired lighthouse. Both lighthouses at Two Lights are on private property, so you'll have to appreciate these from a distance.


The Route

From Portland, head over the Casco Bay Bridge and follow Broadway all the way to the end at Breakwater Drive - that'll bring you to Bug Light Park. Spring Point is right around the corner and is an easy waterfront walk away. From there, take Preble Street to Shore Road for a short drive to Fort Williams Park. After seeing Portland Head and Ram Island, continue along Shore road for one of the most beautiful drives in the area. Turn left down route 77 and follow that to Two Lights - but remember not to go to the State Park at Two Lights unless you're planning a waterfront picnic or barbecue.






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